Aging Workforce


Long Established manufacturers rep in the Philadelphia region.  Some employees were approaching 65 and moving into Medicare.  This provides a challenge to employers and employees.
  • What is better for the employee?
  • What is better for the employer?
  • What penalties for employer and employee can occur if we do nothing?


  • Moved Employees on a Medicare plan that suited the employees that were turning 65.
  • Educated employees on Medicare and the plans they can choose.
  • Lowered plan costs by reducing the average age of the employer plan by 15% the next year
  • Premiums have remained level with no significant rate increases in the past 3 years.
  • Received a refund in 2019 for $12000 from the health carrier
  • Employees on Medicare are still working and enjoying the plan they are on with no potential penalties for late enrollment.

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